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7 August 2013

Whale watching on the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the best places to go whale watching in the world. There are 29 species of cetacean that live or visit the islands: bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, pilot whales, common dolphins, sperm whales and many more. The calm ocean of La Gomera is a particularly good spot to go whale watching because a colony of short-finned pilot whales lives there all year round. Whale-watching is one of the island’s most popular activities, especially for kids. The best way to see whales and dolphins is to book a trip on one of the island’s whale watching boats. Their crews know the cetacean’s habits and are careful not to disturb them while making sure that you are close enough to get a wonderful experience. The South West of Tenerife, Los Gigantes, is also a good region to spot whales and dolphins. It is a permanent home for a big selection of whales and dolphins. On Tenerife there are many companies that offer excursions to see whales and dolphins: Bondea II Catamarán, Tenerife Dolphins, Lady Shelley and Maxicat. The most important companies on Gran Canaria are Taurito Water Sport and Líneas Salmón. On Fuerteventura you can check out Oceanarium Explorer and on La Gomera there is Océano Gomera. Enjoy an excursion to the sea on your holidays on the Canary Islands!

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